Our Purpose

The Stratford Advice Arcade (the Arcade) was established in 1995. It is a registered charity and a Registered Company Limited by Guarantee. The Arcades primary objective is to facilitate the provision of a range of advice and information delivered by a variety of organisations under one roof; giving the community choice, quality and convenience.

Our Objectives Are

  • To enhance the education of the public,¬†particulary of those residents in Newham by the provision of advice, information, facilities, services, resources and opportunities that will be beneficial in that they enable the people of Newham and surrounding areas to develop their potential and improve their quality of life.
  • To promote the efficiency and effectiveness of organisations¬†through the provision of temporary and permanent office accommodation. It is targeted primarily¬†at the voluntary, community and not-for-profit sector engaged in the provision of quality advisory, outreach and information services and support to the local communities for the relief of poverty and to advance education, training and information.